Minggu, 20 Mei 2012


My mother's blind eye, I was very shy and hated it. He dikantin cooking school for students and teachers in order to provide for her and myself. One day when I entered the school he came to me and say hello to me. I was so embarrassed in front of my friends, how he could do that to me before my friends. Then I ignore him and hate him cast a glance as he ran.
The next day one of my friends make fun of me by saying "heh mother had only one eye" At that moment I felt like dying, and wanted my mother is gone and gone from my life.Then I fought with my mother saying: "if she just became the laughingstock of my friends why she did not die alone" She was silent and did not answer the abuse that I addressed kepadanya.Aku did not think about what I said to him, because at that time I was very angry with her because harbored shame. And I do not care about his feelings about it makianku
I wanted to get out of my mother's house. So I study hard so that I could scholarships abroad and left my mother is blind.

Once long ago I got married, bought a house and I'm happy with having two children.One time my mother visited me, because it had been years since he did not see me and have never met her granddaughter. When she greets me and my wife opened the door and my kids laughed at him and was afraid of seeing her face with just one eye. Then I see him outside and shouted to him: "how dare you kerumahku and scare my children, get out of here right now" My mother simply replied: "Excuse me one address and then she was gone"
Once there was an invitation sent kerumahku school reunion. So I lied to my wife and I said no to her business trip. After the reunion I stopped kekampungku just for curiosity.Then one of my neighbors told me that my mother had died
I'm not moved or shed tears. Then my neighbor handed me a letter from my mother.Then I opened it and read:
Dear son, I think of you every time.I'm sorry I've come kerumahmu and scare children.Kerumahmu because I miss and want to see my grandson.Although you get rid of but I'm glad to see you and your children.And I was very happy when I heard you coming reunion.But unfortunately I could not get up from my bed to see you.My son, I'm sorry to have to embarrass you when we were together.Know, my son, when you were little you had an accident that makes you lose the right eye.As a mother I can not shush you grow up living with only one eye only.So I donated my eyes are right for you.I'm very proud of my son who has a new world for me memperlihatkanku ditempatku with that eye.Together with my love.Your mother ...It's a very, very sorry if we find our mother died, but we have not done a good or provide the desired wish of our mother.

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